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Hong Kong, 29 January 2016 – Since the existence of mankind, the need for food and love has long been intertwined, as Valentine’s Day comes the time for food lovers to revisit the age-old subject of aphrodisiacs. Situated at Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach on Park Island, with a panoramic view of Tsing Ma Bridge, Cafe Roma has concocted a sexy 3-course menu for this intimate occasion for a romantic night out. What could be sexier than being able to indulge in food that automatically turns on the pleasure sensors in our brain?

For starters, a choice between the Foamy Smoked Oyster Soup with toasted almonds and truffle oil or the Grilled Green Asparagus & Poached White Asparagus served with truffle-poached egg, Parma ham, rocket, and hollandaise sauce. Shellfish like oysters are known to enhance libido, being rich in zinc and protein. Aside from containing a stimulating blend of nutrients high in vitamin K, antioxidants, and folate, asparagus are said to have compounds proven to exert aphrodisiac effects.
A choice of two main courses are available; the King Prawn ‘Thermidor’ – Cheese Crust with porcini mushroom risotto, avocado, and roasted baby tomatoes, or the meaty Grilled US Black Angus Rib-Eye Steak served with potato gratin, artichokes, French beans, and tarragon sauce. King Prawns are packed with iodine that heightens one’s sex drive whilst cheese contains the rush of hormones that puts one in the mood. On the other hand, steak is an excellent source of zinc known to increase a man’s libido.

The meal ends on a richly-decadent Dark Chocolate Mousse Tart with fresh raspberries and frozen white chocolate crumble. From science to lore, chocolate has been the food for lovers, the creamy alluring dark chocolate is simply irresistible to the ladies as well.

This Valentine’s menu is available exclusively on the weekend of 13 – 14 February 2016, priced at HK$348 for one person, or HK$688 per couple with a complimentary instant photo snap as a special memento of the romantic occasion. Optional drink pairing for two glasses of champagne cocktails is also available at the special price of HK$98. 10% service charge will be applied. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by calling (852) 3446 1226 or emailing

With its romantic night views and aphrodisiac-inspired menu, Cafe Roma is the perfect destination for couples to spend some one-on-one time under the stars this Valentine’s.

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